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Managing Sales Process

Follows examples of executive education programs offered by Stephen Stagner SEI Executive Education.

Adaptive Selling

Research confirms that high performing sales reps have the ability to adapt to the selling environment and the customer’s world. Research also shows that this competency can be learned and improved through training.

  • Social styles
  • The customer’s buying process
  • Identifying customer problems

Communication Skills

Research confirms another difference between top salespeople and average ones. Top performers are better listeners than talkers; better at probing and asking good questions than telling and presenting, and consistently understand the key driver’s of their customers’ business.


  • Selfish versus generous listening
  • Advanced questioning and probing
  • Understanding your customer’s business drivers

Territory Management

Salespeople are assigned a territory. But, are territories organized by geography, product, customer, industry or some combination? How do salespeople efficiently manage their territory? How do sales managers allocate territories fairly and efficiently? The answers are a major determinate of the success of a sales organization.

  • The 80/20 rule
  • Organizing around the customer
  • Fair versus Equal

EffectiveUse of Technology

Nothing about sales is changing as fast as the profession’s use of technology. Salespeople and their managers must know more about their customers, their competitors, their products or they lose credibility and are at a competitive disadvantage. Salespeople must use technology to be more efficient and effective every day – every hour.

  • Customer Relationship Management and SFA
  • Internal and external collaboration
  • Sales and social Media
  • Sales and your phone