Undergraduate Professional Sales FAQs


    Pre-business students can apply to the Sales program in the same semester that they take MARK 3337: Professional Selling. Pre-business students can add the Sales minor at the time of filing a degree plan, once accepted to PES.

    Declared Business majors who are accepted into PES have two options:
    1. Complete all 5 required courses for the Sales certificate and apply these courses to any remaining Advanced Business Electives, Advanced Electives, or General Electives.
    2. Re-file a degree plan online or visit with their major advisor to add the Sales minor. Marketing majors have the option to count the sales courses as their Advanced Marketing Electives and receive the sales certificate or file their degree plan to add the Sales minor. Courses cannot double count for both the MARK major or Sales minor. If students decide on a MARK major and Sales minor, they need a total of 10 MARK courses. For any MARK students on the 2018 BBA degree plan, MARK 3337: Professional Selling may not count for both the Business Speech Requirement and the MARK major.

    All Non-Business students who are accepted into PES have two options:
    1. Earn a Sales Certificate
      1. Complete all 5 required courses in PES and receive the Sales Certificate in addition to MARK 3337 prerequisite.
      2. Students are eligible to receive an Advanced Sales Certificate if they complete the 5 required sales courses plus MARK 4375: Key Accounts (optional)
    2. Earn a Sales Minor
      1. Request the Sales minor by requesting to declare a Business minor online or via general petition.
      2. Once you have declared the Sales minor, you can enroll in MARK 3336 - Introduction to Marketing - a requirement for the Sales minor.


    Do I need to take MARK 3337?

    Whether you plan to receive the Sales Minor or the Sales Certificate, you MUST take MARK 3337 - Professional Selling.


    Who can apply to the Sanchez Program for Excellence in Selling?

    PES is open to undergraduate students that are currently enrolled in the University of Houston. All majors are welcome to apply!


    How much Does PES Cost?

    PES doesn’t cost our students extra. Students will only need to pay the tuition for their 5 required PES classes and we’ll take care of the rest - your blazer, luncheons, etc.


    When can I apply to the Program for Excellence and Selling and can I just enroll in the Sales courses?

    The Sanchez Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) accepts applications in both the Fall and Spring semesters. MARK 3337 - Professional Selling is the only prerequisite course to apply to the program; only students who complete MARK 3337 with a B- or above, apply and are accepted into PES can take sales courses.


    Is PES only for Business students?

    No, PES is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Houston.


    Do I have to be interested in a career in sales to be accepted?

    Of course not! We believe anything and everything you do in life involves sales, whether you’re selling your products, services or ideas. Sales is a beneficial trade for all to learn regardless of career choice.


    What is the difference between the Sales Certificate and Sales Minor?

    The Sales Certificate consists of only PES classes. Advanced Professional Selling (APS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Personal Branding (PB), Sales Management (SM) and Digital Sales (DS). The Sales Minor includes other Bauer classes not offered by PES such as MARK 3336.

    Speak with your advisor or the Bauer Marketing Advisor via appointment for more details and information. The Bauer Marketing Advisor is Amanda Wysinger - you can reach her at akwysinger@bauer.uh.edu.


    When are PES classes offered?

    All PES classes, except Sales for Social Impact, are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays every Spring and Fall semester.


    What happens if I don't hit quota in one of these classes?

    Hitting quota is a large portion of your grade. Failure to hit it will severely impact your grade and affects your ability to receive a B- in the class. Failure to receive a B- or above in any required PES classes results in removal from the program, regardless of what semester you are in.


    Are there any other commitments outside of class-time?
    • PES has time investments beyond just the hours required during class.
    • On Mondays & Wednesdays from 1:00pm-2:30pm, we host MANDATORY events and trainings. Students should leave those times available.
    • There are also many optional, but highly recommended opportunities: Partner off-sites, interviews, afternoon round-tables, and evening socials.


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For more information about PES, contact Yara Suki at ydsuki@bauer.uh.edu.