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Learn about Bauer College scholarship opportunities.

Freshman New Student Conferences

Every freshman student is required to attend UH’s two day Freshman New Student Conferences, which includes an information and academic advising session at the Bauer College. Sign up for your Freshman New Student Conference!

Undergraduate Business Programs Academic Advising

As a high school student, advising may be new to you! Bauer College academic advisors help students with selecting which courses to take every semester, keeping you informed about special programs and opportunities, and getting you connected at Bauer.

Academic advising begins after freshman orientation (and throughout your college career), and Bauer College offers a large team of business academic advisors devoted to your needs. Find out about our advising team and how to see an advisor!

Emerging Leaders Academic Success Program

This program provides a successful transition to college for freshmen and to a four-year institution for transfer students from community colleges and lays a foundation for leadership development. Students who participate in this program have improved retention and higher grades at the end of their first year than non-participants, and are better prepared to be student leaders in the college.

The Bauer House LLC

The Bauer House LLC enhances the living experience of students pursuing a degree in business. Members of the Bauer House connect with their peers, faculty, and staff through social and academic opportunities. Bauer House LLC members participate in monthly academic and social programs to build their connection with the C.T. Bauer College of Business and the University of Houston. To apply to live in this community, email