Next Steps as a Transfer Student

  1. Attend Advising and Registration for Transfer Students
    • What are ART sessions?

      Advising and Registration for Transfer Students (ART sessions) are mandatory events for new transfer students who have been admitted to UH. Our registration system will not allow new transfer students to enroll in classes at UH until they attend an ART session.  For Summer and Fall ART, sessions begin in April and last through early August.  Spring ART sessions begin in December and end in mid-January.  We recommend students come early!

    • Do I HAVE to attend an ART session to have my registration/enrollment hold removed?

      Yes. Yes, attending an ART session is the ONLY way to get your registration/enrollment hold removed.  Coming on campus for an individual advising appointment will not take the place of ART, so we encourage transfer students admitted to UH to not make the drive to see a UH Bauer College advisor except to attend an ART session.  After you attend ART, we encourage individual advising appointments, but not before.  If you have pressing questions prior to attending ART that aren’t addressed on this website, please feel free to contact us via phone and email!

    • I haven't applied to UH yet.  Should I attend an ART session?

      No.  If you haven't applied to UH and are just trying to plan for your future transfer, you should contact our business transfer advisor.

    • I have been admitted to UH, but not as a business major.  Can I be advised by UH Bauer College during my ART session?

      No.  At ART sessions, students must attend the advising session of the college or department to which they are admitted.  After you start school at UH, you will continue to seek academic advising in the college you are admitted to until you apply and are accepted into UH Bauer College via internal transfer/change of major request.

    • How do I sign up to come to an ART session?

      Sign up online at the UH New Student Conference website

    • What else will I be able to do at ART?

      ART can simply be a short session to help you get advised and enrolled, or you can take care of many other things, including getting your UH ID card, figuring out parking, asking questions about financial aid, and anything else you need while you’re on campus. 

    • What should I bring to ART?

      We do not require students to bring specific materials to ART.  However, feel free to bring anything you would find helpful in planning your class schedule!

      • Helpful items to bring to ART sessions:
        • Copy of your college transcripts or UH transfer equivalency report
        • A Driver's license or other form of ID
        • Your UH student ID number


  2. Financial Aid and Scholarships. Get your Federal Pin number as you will need this to complete your Federal Student Financial Aid Form. Fill out your Federal Student Financial Aid Form and make sure to identify the University of Houston as your school of choice. Then, check out all of the scholarship opportunities UH has available.
  3. Check out your housing options, student organizations and student life opportunities.
  4. Pay your fee bill and buy the required text books for your classes.