Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions

How do I apply?

There is only ONE scholarship application for every scholarship that Bauer offers. Each student will only need to fill out one application per academic year. This application is located online at the following website:

Are all scholarships based on merit?

Some Bauer College Scholarships are based on merit, some are based on financial need, and some are based on a combination of merit and financial need. Scholarship criteria vary and may include other factors such as major (i.e., Finance, MIS, Marketing) or field of interest, leadership skills, community involvement, career goals, U.S. citizenship, and involvement in student organizations.

Are there scholarships for international students?

Yes. International students who have been accepted into the Bauer College are eligible to apply for the Bauer College Scholarships. However, the number of scholarships available to international students is limited.

Where are the International Financial Aid Applications Located?

The applications are located on the scholarship website, but the application can be found on this

Can I get a scholarship later if I don't get a scholarship for my Freshman year?

Yes. You will be eligible to apply for scholarships during all the years you are a degree-seeking business major at UH. You must apply for the scholarships each year.

I do not have a UH email account. Do I need one to apply for Bauer College Scholarships?

The Bauer College Scholarship Application requires that the applicant have an email account. The email account does not need to be a UH email account, but the applicant must have a functioning email account (ie:yahoo mail, hotmail, earthlink, etc.). If you do not have a UH email account, please visit the Information Technology Dept. or call them at 713.743.1411.

What is the required GPA (Grade Point Average) to qualify for a scholarship?

Most Bauer College scholarships require a minimum 3.0 GPA, although some have lower minimums (as low as 2.0 GPA) - so everyone should apply.

When are Bauer College scholarships awarded?

The Scholarship Committee meets once a month to award a large number of Bauer College Scholarships each month. This process continues each month throughout the academic year.

Do I need to fill out and submit an application for each Bauer College Scholarship available?

No. The Bauer College Scholarship Application is the only application you need to submit. The Scholarship Committee uses each student's single application to decide on eligibility for all scholarships available.

How Do I Apply?

All students interested in being considered for a Bauer College scholarship must complete the Bauer College Scholarship Application . This one online application will allow you to be considered for all available Bauer College scholarships for which you qualify. Students must re-apply each year for scholarships, regardless of whether they received a scholarship in the previous year. Incoming and new students are encouraged to apply.

When Do I Apply?

There is no deadline to apply for scholarships. You may submit the online application at any time.
The earlier you apply, the more scholarships there are available and the more for which you will be considered. The Bauer College Scholarship Committee will begin awarding as early as May 2014 for academic year 2014-2015.

You may only submit the 2014-2015 Bauer College Scholarship Application once. Any attempts to change or redo your application will be rejected. If you have a significant change in your status that could affect your consideration for scholarships (such as a change in major or classification or election to a student organization officer position) you can contact the scholarship office at or 713-743-4812 to have your application updated.

Please note that there is no need to notify the office of any changes to GPA or enrollment hours

How Do I Find Out If I Received A Scholarship?

Recipients who have been chosen for a scholarship by the Bauer College Scholarship Committee will be emailed an award notice that outlines the conditions of the scholarship (such as maintaining a minimum GPA, taking a specific number of credit hours, etc). Please be sure to enter the email address that you check most often on your application and, to prevent emails with attachments from going into your Junk/Spam/Trash folder, add to your safe list. If we do not hear from the student by the deadline, we may re-award the scholarship to another deserving student.

Please note that you will not be notified if you are not chosen for a scholarship. It is possible that you may be awarded a scholarship later in the year due to declined or new scholarships.