Filing for Graduation

Master's level students graduating from the UH Bauer College of Business must officially file an application for graduation either the semester prior to, or at the beginning of, the semester in which they plan to graduate. The university does not order the diploma until a student officially files for graduation.

NOTE: Students must complete ALL requirements toward their degree in the semester they intend to graduate, or their graduation application will not be approved.

Students wishing to graduate in the current semester, who were disapproved for graduation in any past semester, must re-file for graduation.

Students filing for graduation must submit a graduation application request online through their myUH Student Center.

Applicants who miss the deadline cannot apply electronically. Late applicants' names cannot always be included in the commencement program so if you plan to participate in the ceremony, apply on time!

Deadlines to file for graduation

Go to (Peoplesoft) to apply.

  Date Fee
Regular Filing Period Monday, November 6, 2023 - Friday, March 1, 2024 $25.00
Late Filing Period Saturday, March 2, 2024 - Friday, March 29, 2024 $50.00

NOTE: Prior to receiving your UH diploma you will be asked by the College to fill out an employment survey. Please watch for an e-mail that will be sent to your UH e-mail alias after the last day of classes. Completion of this survey benefits you and your classmates by providing anonymous aggregate data about the job market and average salaries for graduates to help you interview and negotiate more effectively. Rankings organizations also solicit this information to use in ranking graduate programs. Your cooperation in providing the requested information is very important to the Bauer College.

Check Remaining Degree Requirements Prior to Filing

During the registration cycle prior to the intended semester of graduation, masters’ students should check with an academic advisor to verify that all degree requirements will be met. September is a good time to do this if you plan to graduate in the spring, and February/March would be a good time for a degree plan check if you plan to graduate in the summer or fall. If you have any questions, consult your academic advisor before the beginning of the graduating semester.

The Graduation Approval Process

How to file / apply for graduation
  1. Students apply online to graduate through their myUH student center.
    1. Students log into their PeopleSoft account at myUH
    2. In the Student Services box on the home page click on “Apply for Graduation”.
    3. In the Learner Services box click on “Apply for Graduation” and follow the steps.
  2. MBA and other joint program graduates must apply to graduate with both degrees in the same semester. The graduation application form is the same for all UH undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
  3. The Graduation Office will send a roster of all Bauer students who have filed for graduation to the academic advisors in the Bauer College Graduate & Professional Programs Office.
  4. After grades have been posted, the academic advisor in the Bauer College will check your degree program requirements and approve or disapprove your graduation application. The Office of the University Registrar will perform a final audit and post students' degrees.
  5. Students normally receive their diplomas in the mail 2-3 months after the end of their graduating semester. It is important to make sure that the Office of the University Registrar has a correct address to which your diploma should be mailed in the United States or overseas. If you do not receive your diploma within 3 months of completing your degree, contact the Office of the University Registrar at 713-743-1010 option 7.
  6. If you are not approved for the semester in which you applied to graduate, you will need to re-apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester in which you are actually completing your final degree requirements.
  7. Official degree-posted transcripts may be ordered from the Office of the University Registrar by submitting the Transcript Request form available through the student center in myUH. There is a $10 fee per transcript copy, which can be paid by check or money order or online by logging in to myUH (PeopleSoft).

Graduation with Honors

You will automatically receive the Bauer College of Business Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence if your UH graduate cumulative GPA is 3.70 or higher upon completion of your graduate degree. These awards will be mailed separately by the Bauer Graduate Professional Programs Office once all grades have been posted and degrees have been awarded. The Dean’s Award is a college honor, not a university honor, therefore recognition does not appear on the student's UH diploma.