Frequently Asked Questions about Online Programs

We understand going back to school is a big decision and that you likely have questions about our Online Graduate Programs. We would be happy to schedule time to connect with you. We look forward to working with you!

What programs are offered?

Our new fully online Bauer College masters programs offer convenience and accessibility to students everywhere.

12 options:

Will my diploma say “online” on it?

No. There will be no mention that you took your degree online. Your diploma will look the same as a traditional student attending an on campus program.

Will I ever need to go to campus?

Our programs are designed to be completed fully online meaning you will never have to travel to campus.

Can I change to in-person during my program?

Yes. We understand flexibility is important. At the end of a semester, you can move into the on-campus program with approval from your academic advising team.

How quickly can I finish my degree, and what is the maximum amount of time I have to complete my degree?

Each program has a different curriculum structure and path to completion. Please schedule a time to connect with an Online Program Recruiter for more information. Each program provides you with up to 5 years to complete the program.

Will I get a student ID?

Absolutely. You are a University of Houston student. You'll receive a student ID in your acceptance packet.

Will I have the opportunity to work with the career center and other offices (career services, library, veterans affairs, counseling center, etc.) within the University?

Yes. You will be able to access the library online, and the Bauer Rockwell Career Center has created a series of resources for online graduate students such as virtual resume reviews.

Is the program taught by the same faculty as on campus?

Yes. The same world-class faculty lead the online programs.

Are faculty office hours available to online students?

Yes. Faculty make themselves available to Online students on a regular basis.

When can I apply?

We accept applications for our online programs year-round. For Fall programs, apply by April 1st for international students and June 1st for domestic applicants. For Spring programs, you should apply by November 1. You can apply here.

Can I do an online program as an international student?

Yes. International students are welcome to apply; however, student visas cannot be issued for online programs. As a result, international students who are doing online programs must remain in their home country.

Are the admissions requirements the same for an online student?

Yes. We have the same requirements and standards for our online programs.

Can I attend graduation in person?

Yes, online students will be able to attend the traditional graduation/commencement ceremonies if they would like to.

Is there any cost difference between the online and in-person classes? Any additional costs/fees?

Yes. Online program tuition is $866.09 per credit hour, which is the same (resident) rate as the traditional in-person master’s degrees at Bauer; however, for the Online programs, regular university fees are waived (ex. Recreation & Wellness Center fee) . Please note that tuition is subject to change annually based on authorization by the UH Board of Regents.

Does the program cost more if I live out of the state of Texas?

No. While non-resident students living in Texas are required by law to pay out-of-state tuition, those students will receive an automatic scholarship to cover tuition costs above the $866.09 credit hour for the online program.

What kind of resources and support does the college provide to students pursuing its online programs?

As part of a strategic initiative, the college has created the new Office of Digital Learning. The new office has a new website where resources for students are compiled.

Can military benefits (GI Bills, The Hazlewood Act Benefit, etc.) be used for Online programs at Bauer?

Yes, and please visit our “Military Page” for additional information. We will also waive the application fee for active military and veterans. To receive your application fee waiver, please contact

What is it like to take an online class at Bauer?

At Bauer, we've taken a unique approach to developing online programs. Where many colleges and universities have a one-size-fits-all model, we believe each course warrants a different mix of learning methods. Our team of world-class faculty and instructional designers have created programs that you will find engaging and enriching.

There are two forms in which courses are offered:


Or, put another way, “Live Online”. In this mode of instruction, the faculty member will deliver live lectures at designated class times (weeknight evenings) using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This allows students and faculty to build connections and engage in rich conversations. In addition to the regularly scheduled live classes, faculty also hold regular, live, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Or, you may also know this as “self-paced” or “on-demand”. In this format, the faculty posts all the course content including recorded lectures/videos, reading materials, and assignments, on the course website - but students do not meet a set time. While there are no set meeting times, the asynchronous mode of instruction still has live, one-on-one, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

What is the mix of synchronous and asynchronous?

Each graduate program will have a different mix of synchronous and asynchronous course offerings; however, we do believe that live instruction is important so candidates should prepare to have some level of synchronous coursework in their program.