What We Look For

The Bauer faculty will review each applicant comprehensively, with respect for academic preparedness, character, work ethics, communication skills, and the capability to conduct independent investigative work. We are looking for candidates who have the potential to become leading scholars in the world of business research.

Academic Preparedness

Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. A graduate degree (e.g., a master’s degree) is not a prerequisite for our Ph.D. programs.

Our current students have a very diverse background. The preparedness for a starting doctoral student is often associated with his or her early exposure to academic research or coursework. For example, to study Finance, it often requires a very strong quantitative background in economics, mathematics, statistics, or even physics. A doctoral student in Management & Leadership, on the other hand, may benefit from a psychology or sociology background.

Working or Research Experience

Neither working nor research experience is required. However, having research experience is often a plus.

Student Profile

Doctoral Program: At a Glance

Doctoral Program: At a Glance
Doctoral Program: At a Glance

Choosing a Field of Study