Sample Plan of Study


Management & Leadership Program

1. Degree Plan Requirements

Management Course Work Supporting Field Course General Research Requirement
1. Seminar in Strategic Management 1. Supporting field class 1. Seminar in Design and Implementation of Research Methodologies
2. Seminar in Organizational Behavior 2. Supporting field class 2. Multivariate Methods
3. Seminar in Organization Theory 3. Supporting field class 3. Structural Equations
4. Seminar in Human Resource Management   4. Multilevel Modeling
5. Seminar in Management Research    
6. Teaching Practicum    
7. Elective course on micro- or macro- issues    
TOTAL = 21 credits TOTAL = 9 credits TOTAL = 12 credits

2. Typical Program of Study

Fall Spring Summer
Seminar in Management Research Seminar in Design and Implementation of Research Methodologies Preliminary Qualifying Examination
Seminar in Organizational Behavior Seminar in Strategic Management Continuation of research
Seminar in Organizational Theory Seminar in Human Resources  
Fall Spring Summer
Multivariate Methods Structural Equations Comprehensive/Specialty Examination
Micro/Macro class Multilevel Modeling Continuation of research
Specialty class Teaching Practicum  
Fall Spring Summer
Specialty class Specialty class Defend Dissertation Proposal
Prepare Dissertation Proposal Prepare Dissertation Proposal  
Fall Spring Summer
Dissertation Research Dissertation Research