Academic Notice

Pre-business majors who have earned between a 2.00 to 2.49 cumulative UH GPA are placed on College Academic Notice. Pre-business majors with less than a 2.50 cumulative UH GPA are required to be advised each semester until they have successfully filed a degree plan. Note: Any coursework taken at a different institution will not affect your UH GPA, only coursework completed at UH will affect your UH GPA.

Next Steps

  • Schedule an appointment with your pre-business advisor through your myUH account. To avoid delays during busier periods, we recommend getting advised early:
Best Times to Get Advised
Summer or Fall Term
Spring Term
  • Verify your current UH GPA: go to myUH , choose 'Student Service Center.'
  • Avoid registering for coursework at another school, because that coursework will not affect your UH GPA and will make it more difficult to raise your GPA with your remaining UH coursework.
  • Check your 'Student Service Center' for non-academic holds (click on 'Holds' then, click 'Details').
  • Prior to your appointment, reflect on your recent academic performance by answering the questions on the Academic Self-Assessment questionnaire.
  • Based on your assessment of your academic performance, determine specific solutions to address those challenges.
  • Determine which academic resources you will utilize next semester to assist you in your success.
  • Familiarize yourself with UH academic probation policies by clicking on the link that reads "Academic Standing."

What to expect at your appointment

  • Your advisor will provide you with a specific target GPA and hours needed to progress with your BBA.
  • Your advisor will ask you what caused your grades to fall and what solutions you will pursue to achieve success. Please bring the results of your questionnaire to the appointment.
  • Your advisor will discuss your specific options, identify special areas of focus for your future success and suggest on-campus resources to assist you in achieving your academic goals.