Undergraduate Transfer Credit Guide

Taking Prerequisites at Another School (Permission to Register)

Students who are planning to take a prerequisite course at another school will not be able to register for courses the following semester if the prerequisite course(s) are not completed and transferred to UH before the start of the registration cycle for the following semester.

For example, if a student is planning to take ACCT 2301 at another school in the summer semester, they will not be able to register for ACCT 2302 at UH for the fall semester because at the time of registration, the prerequisite course would not have been completed and transferred to UH.

In order to facilitate the registration process, students are encouraged to request permission to register for a class(es) while completing a prerequisite course at another school. A separate request is required for each course.

By submitting a request, students agree to complete the following steps below to ensure that their records are updated in a timely manner.

Student's agreement:

  1. If student does not make a grade of C or better in the required prerequisite(s), student will drop the corresponding prerequisite course that student enrolled in by the last day for a refund (note that if a student is not enrolled in any classes at UH, that is considered a withdrawal, and refunds are pro-rated).
  2. Student will request an electronic transmission of the transcript from the school where student will be taking the prerequisite as soon as the grades post.
  3. Student will check their student account to see if the transfer credit has been awarded in a timely fashion (allow 10 business days for processing), and will follow up with the Office of Admissions in the Welcome Center and will notify student’s academic advisor if it is not processed by that time.

Upon approval, the student will receive notification that they have been approved for registration.

Permission to Register Form

CORE Courses

Students who have taken CORE courses at another Texas public 2- or 4-year institution do not need to petition courses to UH. If the course taken was CORE at a Texas institution it will transfer in as CORE at UH. If they are not coded properly as meeting core at UH on your Transfer evaluation, contact the Office of Transfer Admissions, 122 Welcome Center. Please visit UH Transfer Equivalency Guide for more information. Consult the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Core Web Center for a listing of approved core courses from other Texas public two- or four-year institutions: http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/apps/tcc.

CORE Communication Requirement [010]

Students who took both Core Communication courses [010] at another Texas public two- or four-year institution, and the second course was a course other than ENGL 1304 [Texas Common Course Number ENGL 1302], may request to substitute it for ENGL 1304. Consult the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Core Web Center for a listing of approved core courses from other Texas public two- or four-year institutions: http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/apps/tcc.

If you are not Core complete, and plan to take other Core component courses such as Language, Philosophy, and Culture or Creative Arts at UH, many of these courses have ENGL 1304 as a prerequisite without substitution. ENGL 1304 may also be required if you change your major from business to a non-business major or declare certain non-business minors.

For questions or to request a substitution of your Core 010 course for ENGL 1304 on your degree requirements, consult with your Pre-business advisor or email bba@uh.edu.

30 Hour Residency Requirement

Students must complete the last 30 hours of coursework at UH to receive a degree. Please keep in mind the residency requirements for graduation. Students who transfer courses in their last 30 hours will break residency and are disapproved for graduation. Students taking courses during a mini-semester at a transfer school should assume the course credit will be counted in the semester (fall, spring, or summer) following.

Petition for Course Equivalency

Students transferring to UH Bauer may petition for courses that were not accepted as equivalent. Students with domestic and/or international transfer courses should follow these steps:

  1. Access the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Petition http://www.uh.edu/academics/forms
  2. Read Instructions and Complete the petition form.
  3. Must include the Course Description and Course Syllabus (from the institution where you received credit for the transfer course)
  4. Email all documents to bba@uh.edu

Business majors should email the documents to bba@uh.edu regardless of the subject of the course. It will be logged in and reviewed to make sure that it has complete documentation before it is routed to the appropriate department.

Once a decision has been made, if approved, one copy of the processed petition will be sent to Transfer Admissions to change it on your transfer record. Whether approved or disapproved, another copy will be emailed to you by the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs. For questions on the status of the petition or if you have not received a reply within four weeks, contact bba@uh.edu.

Petition for BUSI 2305 and STAT 3331

Students with equivalent credit for BUSI 2305 from a Texas public 2- or 4-year institution do not need to petition for BUSI 2305 credit. Students who took a business statistics course at a private school in Texas or a school outside of Texas may petition for BUSI 2305 credit as long as the course was taught by business faculty as part of a requirement for a business degree and it covers the topics required by the Texas state syllabus. Students with credit for BUSI 2305 and an additional business statistics course with content equivalent to STAT 3331 and a grade of “B” or higher may petition for STAT 3331 credit.

Petition for FINA 3332

Students with upper-level credit for a “Principles of Finance” course may petition for credit, along with a copy of the course syllabus. A grade of “B” or higher is required for credit for FINA 3332 if the course content is approved. With a grade of “C-” to “B-” and approved course content, a waiver with substitution is allowed to meet the FINA 3332 degree requirement, but not to meet the FINA 3332 prerequisite for 4000-level finance courses. Students who take FINA 3332 at UH may not use their transfer course with similar content as an Advanced Business Elective, Advanced Elective, or General Elective.

Petition for BUSI 4350 (formerly GENB 4350) and Writing in the Discipline

Because GENB 4350 meets the UH CORE Writing in the Discipline (WID) requirement, students who are petitioning for transfer credit for a course equivalent to GENB 4350 must meet all three of the following conditions:

  1. Completion of a course (or a combination of courses) covering the following subjects:
    • Business ethics; and
    • Business law (covering contracts, agency, and business organizations).
  2. The course(s) requested for equivalency status must be junior level or higher.
  3. Fulfillment of the Writing in the Discipline requirement by one of the following methods:
    1. The course (or combination of courses) receiving transfer credit must have had significant writing assignments (typically for GENB 4350, students complete 5 papers, together totaling between 4,000-5,000 words for the course).
    2. Completion of another course designated by UH as "writing intensive;" or
    3. Completion of an alternative course that contained a significant (3,000 word) writing component (and that is not already counted toward degree requirements).

Transferring International Credit

The Office of International Admissions will process an initial transfer evaluation. Students may petition for transfer credit as outlined above if courses did not automatically transfer to meet degree requirements.

The Department of Accountancy and Taxation does not accept international transfer credit. However, credit for Financial and Managerial Accounting may be received by passing a CLEP exam for ACCT 2301 and credit may be received by passing a departmental exam for ACCT 2302. Students wishing to earn credit for these courses must contact Testing Services for information http://www.las.uh.edu/uts or call (713) 743-5444.

Note: Students who have accounting credit that is 7 years and older will need to retake the specific accounting courses as required by the Accounting Department.


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