Student Experiences

Karenina Urquieta


Andy Nguyen


"Entering college in such unprecedented times was very daunting at first. The uncertainty of how the school year would roll out and furthermore adjusting to a new environment was a very big concern of mine going into my first year at the University of Houston. ELASP enabled me to stay connected to campus life and network with new people that I would have otherwise not have been able to meet. Throughout the course of the program, I learned vital skills necessary to be successful at Bauer such as time management and goal setting. Overall, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to better themselves and connect with other like-minded students at Bauer."

"ELASP has helped me develop and become more confident in the area of public speaking. Being surrounded with like-minded and hardworking peers, we've pushed each other to achieve more. And because of that, I've been able to accomplish more in both my personal and academic life than I would be able to alone. ELASP is not only a place for you to develop as an individual, but serves as an opportunity to create new friendships with fellow Bauer students."

Jessica Brown


Luke Kubosh


"ELASP helped shape my professional presentation skills, increased my Bauer knowledge, and contributed to my overall confidence. I learned so much about Bauer resources as an ELASP freshman and received great hands on experience regarding presenting. I also met some of my best friends in ELASP."

"Participating in ELASP has allowed me to engage in the Bauer universe as a freshman, while making lifelong friends in the process."