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Sandy Frieden

Sandy Frieden

Management and Leadership Consultant and Coach

Sandy Frieden, Ph.D. is a management and leadership consultant and coach with more than 30 years experience in higher education, nonprofit, corporate and community capacity building. She has held state and national leadership positions on many boards and has been an invited speaker locally, nationally and internationally. Her passion—whether consulting, coaching or teaching—is the empowerment of individuals and organizations to become their best potential selves.

Sandy’s work in organizational development has focused on supporting individuals, companies and organizations through the process of change to build competence, capacity, confidence, and productivity. She builds teams that thrive and accomplish their goals and grow in their abilities to communicate, to collaborate, and to lead.

Her coaching focuses on developing core competencies for leaders and managers, as well as transition coaching for individuals and for organizations. Sandy emphasizes communication and assessment of work styles to help individuals position themselves more effectively in their organizations.

Sandy has published articles on corporate partnerships, strategic planning, team building, and other topics, and teaches at the University of Houston in the MBA program and in Modern and Classical Languages.

She is certified in the ICS-Connect Tool for Communication, Team-Building, Leadership and Sales Skills.