Student Organization Information

Process for a Student Organization to Associate with Bauer College

What is the process for an organization to become a student organization associated with Bauer College?

Step 1:

All new student organizations must first be registered with the UH Center for Student Involvement for two consecutive long semesters (fall and spring). Student organizations may not use the Bauer name, or “Bauer” in their name, unless that has been approved by Bauer College. An alternative is to use the word “Business” in the name. Students interested in forming a new student organization or have an existing organization they want to be associated with Bauer College should meet with Bauer's Program Manager for Student Undergraduate Organizations & Activities, Jorge Arellano, at jaarellano@CougarNet.UH.EDU as early in the process as possible for guidance.

Step 2:

Once an organization has successfully been established for one year, the organization will meet officially with the Bauer Student Organization committee comprised of college staff members, the Program Manager, the Director for Student Success, and a representative of the Dean's Office, who will review their proposal regarding their mission as business related and complementing rather than overlapping existing organizations, membership composition (60% or more undergraduate business majors), and sustainability measures.

Step 3:

If the committee decides the student organization may move forward in the process, the student organization will present at a Bauer Leaders' Council meeting and provide an opportunity for questions from the student organizations associated with Bauer College for their input to the Bauer Student Organization committee.

Step 4:

The Bauer Student Organization committee will make a final determination to approve a recommendation to the Dean, and if a recommendation is approved, it will be sent for final approval of association with Bauer College to the Dean of Bauer College.

Responsibilities of a Student Organization Associated with Bauer College

What are the requirements for being a Bauer student organization?

All Bauer student organizations are required to maintain a membership base of at least 60% declared business majors. In addition, all student organizations associated with Bauer College are required to have officer representation to participate in a mandatory orientation session at the beginning of each semester as well as monthly Leaders Council meetings, and for the President to sign a pledge of responsibilities for renewal of their association with Bauer College each semester or whenever there is a change in Presidents.

How can I promote my organization's events?

Bauer College's Office of Communications has created templates for student organizations to display information about upcoming events on the TV monitors located throughout each of the three buildings. You can find these templates at and submit them for review to Amanda Sebesta at

Flyers can be posted throughout Melcher Hall, Cemo Hall, and the Insperity Classroom and Business Building (CBB) using the metal sliders placed near classroom doors and other high traffic areas in the buildings. There are also two public bulletin boards at either end of the first floor of Melcher Hall that can be used for these flyers. However, posting signs is prohibited in the following areas:

  • Inside classrooms
  • Inside bathrooms
  • Walls
  • Classroom doors
  • Aluminum columns inside Melcher Hall
  • **Using tape, staples, or thumb tacks is strictly prohibited on any surface.

The Student Involvement Fair is the primary event hosted during the second week of each semester to showcase your organization, along with other Bauer College programs for involvement. This event is exclusively for student organizations associated with Bauer College that have successfully completed the registration process the UH Center for Student Involvement and are in association with Bauer College. Each organization is responsible for providing its own decorations, promotional materials, equipment, and maintaining decorum and proper sound volume during class times.

How can I get financial support from UH and Bauer College?

The Activities Funding Board (AFB) at the University of Houston is an agency of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). Under the provisions of SFAC, AFB is a student run financial organization that allocates a portion of student service fees to “activities” funding for registered student organizations.

AFB allocates funds only to registered student organizations (not individuals).

Funding is for:

  • Programs on the UH main campus
  • Attending conferences off-campus as related to student organizations mission.
  • Student organizations must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement in order to apply for and receive reimbursement funding.

Learn more about this funding source by visiting

Is my organization automatically considered a non-profit organization after becoming a student organization associated with Bauer College?

No. In order to open a bank account, every organization must fill out IRS Form SS-4 in order to be assigned a tax ID number. This does NOT make the organization tax exempt. In order to gain 501(c)(3) status as a tax exempt organization, an organization must submit IRS Form 1023. In addition, this status requires that an organization submit Form 990 annually to the IRS. Under no circumstance should a student organization attempt to use the tax exempt information of Bauer College or the College of Business Foundation.